Denby Distribution

Our Services

Our Core Service Offering (customised to your requirements):

Customs clearance, cartage & devanning of goods:

 DDL has a dedicated customs agency that can provide a full importation and clearance service, payment of GST at point of entry, cartage and devanning of goods at a MAF approved transitional facility.

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Goods receipt verifications:

Clients provide DDL with imported goods manifest, all items are checked, verified and reported back to client.

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Secure warehousing & insurance:

The DDL warehouse is a solidly built facility with a 24 hour monitored security system. DDL carries a bailee’s liability cover. This covers the accidental damage of goods at warehouse site. DDL encourages clients to have insurance cover for accidents outside their control, i.e. earthquake, storm damage.

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Inventory management:

DDL can provide a fully dedicated service utilising computerised min/max criteria or on a collaborative basis with client.

Customer credit policy and terms of trade managed in accordance with client guidelines.

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Management of customer orders and inquiries:

DDL can provide dedicated personnel for customer service, if applicable.

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Batch code/expiry date recording efficient:

 DDL has the ability to record and manage inventory using batch code/expiry dates.



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Pick, pack and dispatch of goods:

DDL can provide a full pick, pack and dispatch service.

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Invoicing, debtor and credit management services to all market sectors:

Sales are invoiced on standard DDL stationary (co-branded invoicing is available). DDL provides a full debtor control and collection service. Credit management conducted in consultation with clients.

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Management of returns and claims:

This service is managed in conjunction with client terms.

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Regular stock take service:

Client stock takes are conducted monthly and reported back to client.

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Marketing services:

DDL can provide payment of client business expenditure through payment of some/all client costs of conducting business in New Zealand (if applicable), ie sales brokerage, advertising, representation fees, general expenses.

DDL can manage point of sale material.

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Sales, stock and financial reporting:

DDL can provide a wide variety of reporting options for month end anaylysis, including:

Sales by product, month and year to date,

Sales by customer, month and year to date,

Month end inventory by product.



Service Fees: Service fees can be calculated as a percentage of client sales to include freight or freight can be billed separately and charged monthly. When using a percentage of sales as a fee base,  principals can calculate costs in advance and know there are no hidden extras unless specifically requested.