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Before going into the details of the topic of warehousing and distribution centre it is imperative that we explain that warehouse distribution centre is. This term is actually a combination of two distinctive words that are used together. Warehouses are storage points or centres, having four walls and physical presentation where products are stored for a longer period of time. The time frame for the products stores in warehouses is six months to one year. Contrarily, distribution centres are short term storage centres, built with intent to regularly supply products and items to the local store and retail shops. However, these two terms collectively represent a storage centre for storing products and items for a certain period of time.

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Like several other advanced countries, warehouse distribution centres are being widely used for storing items imported from foreign countries as well as those produced locally in New Zealand as well. Later on, local retail shops and store owners carry these items to their stores for the use of general public.

Warehouse distribution centres have certain advantages. Warehouse distribution can be thought of as computer read only memory where data is stored in the large amount and when data is required to be used, it is fetch to the main memory. Warehouse distribution centres play somewhat similar role, they store large amount of items and products for future use and whenever distributers and retailers need these items they can get them from these warehouses. Another big advantage of such centres is that using some programming algorithm, the warehoused distribution centre’s data can be statistically analyzed, on which organizational level decision making is based.

Warehouse and distribution centres contain most valuable tangible assets of a company and in order to keep these asserts secure, adequate security steps must be taken. These steps include, trained staff, good accountants and a perfect manager who can properly manage check-ins and check outs.

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